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iWA TOWER - Self standing 2 bikes stand

iWA TOWER - Self standing 2 bikes stand

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Light maintenance
Used many types of bike
Store bike with care
Keep room clean

  • No need to drill holes in walls!
  • No worries ceiling height or strength!
  • Stand position can be easily changed!
  • Resin parts can hold the bike by simply inserting the tire.
  • For easy maintenance & parts replacement!
  • Supported by the top tube makes put large bikes and heavy bikes possible!
    Large tires bikes / Heavy bikes / With mudguards bikes
  • Features for many bikes
    Adjustable hanger height / Adjustable hook width / Adjustable hook angle
  • Silicone material held bike gently.
  • Includes belt to secure front wheels.
  • Firmly supports 2 heavy bikes.
  • To keep room clean
    Tires do not contact floors or walls / Rubberized to floor contact parts / Prevent contact between handle and wall.

Acceptable bike models

  • Road bike, Cross bike , MTB, Mini velo, Cyclo-cross bike, Gravel bike, E-bike, Semi fat tire bike,Fat bike.
  • Under 82 mm tire width.


Size approx.W500-820 X D550 X H2150 mm
Material steel
high-strength resin (tire contact part)
silicon (bike contact part)
rubber(Floor contract)
Weight approx. 11 (kg)
Acceptable tire width When using plastic parts ▶under 82 mm (3.2 inch)
Weight capacity 25 kg/bike (toral 50 kg)
Hook working range angle -17°~+17° / width 30~40 (cm)


black and silver / black / white


  • Notice :
  • *Please do not use a bike without a top tube, as it cannot be held stable.
  • *It is designed to be movable so that the angle can be easily adjusted after the bike is placed on the hanger. However, if you tighten it tightly, the 25 kg bike will not move unexpectedly.
  • *Do not use with bikes that exceed the load capacity.(25kg/bike)
  • *Do not use bikes with long overall lengths or bikes with a large difference in weight balance between.
  • *hook marks may stain on the surface of the frame depending on the composition of the frame paint. If you are concerned about discoloration, wrap a cloth around the hooks to prevent direct contact with the frame.
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