If you purchased a Pinarello recently, Congratulazioni!  

All Pinarello frames come with a 2 years warranty. And an extended warranty of 3 years if you registered the frame on Pinarello’s website within 30 days of purchase. With the registration, you are also entitled to the “Impact Replacement Program”.

Please visit the link below for the details;


Grey Market (Parallel imported goods)

Pinarello products purchased from any unauthorized dealers or imported from overseas are considered grey market and will be omitted from certain product benefits example : 3 years extended warranty* and Impact replacement program. So do consider this carefully before you make your purchase.

Below is a paragraph copied from Pinarello’s website stating that you will have to return the product to where it was purchased for warranty. So if you have purchased a Pinarello product from overseas or from an unauthorized dealer/online seller/personal sellers (all of which we call them grey market), you are advised to bring the frame back to where you bought the product for any warranty matters.

It should be kept in mind that the Product found defective will still have to be delivered to the authorized seller from which the Product was initially purchased even if it is located in a different country from the country of residence of the buyer or from the country in which the Product is used. For this reason we recommend, both for better safety relating the assembly and the pre-delivery checks of the Product and for a better post-selling service, a buyer purchase the Product from a Pinarello authorized seller close to his/her location of residence.

Two key factors of having a peace of mind when buying a Pinarello,

  1. Buy original Pinarello products
  2. And only from authorized distributor and its appointed dealers 
To locate authorized resellers in Malaysia, please head over to our “Authorized Dealer” page here.