Warranty Policy

(This warranty refers to all Other brands except Pinarello)

Warranty strictly covers on manufacturing defects and workmanship defects and applies only to the original purchaser of the product. The duration of the warranty varies for different product. Do notify us immediately if the item that you purchased has failed and covered by manufacturer’s warranty.

Certain products may need to be returned to the manufacturer/distributor for a warranty inspection before next course of action.

Customers are required to produce the following for warranties:

  1. Proof of Purchase (Receipt)
  2. The item for warranty

The warranty does not cover in the event of:

  1. Damage from accidents or collision
  2. Normal wear & tear or maintenance issues
  3. Abnormal strain, neglect, abuse or misuse
  4. Lack of routine and proper maintenance
  5. Improper or failure to follow instructions for assembly, installation or use 
  6. Modifications to original parts or installation of incompatible parts
  7. Repairs or servicing not performed by authorised service centers
  8. Damage or loss from delivery, transportation or storage

In some cases, depending on the type of product and the fault at hand, a repair will be done rather than the product being replaced. Please do not assume that your product will be replaced. We are committed to return your product soonest possible. 

We strongly suggest using a parcel service that is traceable. Eddy Cycle will not be held liable for any goods lost in transits. The Customers are advised to pack safely the Product to prevent any loss or damage to the Product or its box or its original packaging. We will not be liable for any loss or damage to the Product prior to the Product is received by us.

The customer is required to pay the courier fee for return to the manufacturer, then manufacturer will bear the courier fee from the manufacturer’s warehouse to customer's address.

For claim request, you're required to write us an email with details as below to info@eddycycle.com
Order/Receipt Number:
Product(s) Being Return for Warranty Claim:

Picture of the product:
Reason of Return for Warranty Claim: