Warranty draft

2.1 Subject and duration of the Warranty

Pinarello warrants the Products from production and material defects according to the conditions listed below. The Warranty solely applies to original Pinarello Products bought from authorised Pinarello sellers and registered through the website www.pinarello.com within the 30 days of the purchase date specified in the Product’s accounting purchase document (“Purchase Date”).

The Warranty in this document will be valid for five (5) years from the Purchase Date. The first two (2) years are covered by the Legal Warranty, from third to fifth year included, the warranty is only valid if the Product had been registered on the website www.pinarello.com within the deadline mentioned above.

The Warranty allows the buyer to also access to the Impact Replacement program.

2.2 Content and exclusions of this Warranty

The Warranty can only be applied to the Products, as defined above, and excludes all components and – in particular – parts or components produced by third parties that are included on Pinarello bicycles. Such parts and components are covered by their own producers’ warranties, where provided.

If Pinarello recognises the existence of a defect in the Product validly claimed in accordance with this document within the duration of the Warranty, remedy will be limited, at Pinarello’s discretion, to the following methods:

  • Fixing without charge the Product or parts of the Product that were recognised as defective; or
  • Replacing without charge of the Product or parts of the Product recognised as defective

If such Product recognised as defective is unavailable, the replacement will happen with a similar Product of the same approximate value.

It is understood that in case of a replacement of a Product or a part of it, this warranty does not cover the labour costs needed for the replacement.

In this Warranty the following are explicitly excluded:

  • Non original Pinarello Products or those which were not bought from an authorised Pinarello seller;
  • Products that have had their identifying codes removed, altered, cancelled or rendered unreadable;
  • Products that have been even partially repainted;
  • Products used as samples and/or for display;
  • Products that received any sort of change by the user or by third parties;
  • Defects arising from normal usage (including material fatigue);
  • Defects caused by abuse or incorrect usage of the Product or of its parts;
  • Defects coming from incorrect assembly according to Pinarello’s assembly conditions (for example, incorrect tightening torques);
  • Defects coming from incorrect or insufficient maintenance such as, for example, defects arising from material corrosion, use of aggressive cleaners or incompatible Products, from repairs carried out by non-authorised sellers;
  • Defects arising from accidents and other events not caused by defects covered in this Warranty;
  • The Products that arrived to the end of their useful lifecycle;
  • Defects caused by the exposure to UV rays (discolouring, yellowing);
  • Defects caused by a saline environment;
  • Defects caused by careless transportation of the Product (the responsibility for which lies with the courier);
  • Aesthetic defects that could have been easily detected at the moment of purchase of the Product;
  • Defects from a usage that does not conform to the Designated Use.

This Warranty is not transferrable and is solely applicable to the original buyer, as it results from the original registration on the website www.pinarello.com.

This Warranty is to be understood as an addition to the warranties afforded by the applicable law, and all the warranty rights potentially expected by the applicable law of the national legislation of the State in which the purchase was made will remain uncompromised. The invalidity, unlawfulness and ineffectiveness in all or in a part of some of the provisions expected by this Warranty in accordance with the applicable national laws will not compromise the validity, lawfulness and effectiveness or the remaining provisions of this Warranty.

This document constitutes the only conventional warranty released by Pinarello on its products and explicitly excludes any supplementary clause, extension or implicit warranty regardless of who issues it. Pinarello is not liable for damages, unless it is differently expected by the possible applicable law. In particular, it excludes indirect, consequential or accidental damages.

In case of warranty replacement of a Product or part thereof:

  • The replacement Product, or part of it, benefits from a new warranty according to the terms and conditions set forth in this document;
  • The replaced Product, or part of it, becomes property of Pinarello.

2.3 Claim Procedure

Shown below is the procedure that must be followed, in order to correctly submit a claim for a defect. The correct execution of the following procedure will allow to benefit from the Warranty where the defect is recognised by Pinarello in accordance with this document.

In order to verify that the claim procedure referred to in this paragraph is carried out correctly, the date of delivery of the Product to the authorised seller will be taken into account.

  • Copy of the receipt of purchase of the Product indicating the Purchase Date;
  • A detailed description of the defect (we suggest using adhesive tape to aid in finding its exact position);
  • A description of the assembly (set-up) carried out on the Product subject to the complaints;
  • The name, address, telephone numbers and email provided when registering the Product on the website www.pinarello.com in order to verify the possible execution of the warranty extension procedure;
  • Indication of whether there is a desire for the Product to be given back if the warranty was not recognised as applicable.

In order to verify that the claim procedure referred to in this paragraph is carried out correctly, the date of delivery of the Product to the authorised seller will be taken into account.

It should be kept in mind that the Product found defective will still have to be delivered to the authorised seller from which the Product was initially purchased even if it is located in a different country from the country of residence of the buyer or from the country in which the Product is used. For this reason we recommend, both for better safety relating the assembly and the pre-delivery checks of the Product and for a better post-selling service, a buyer purchase the Product from a Pinarello authorised seller close to his/her location of residence.

The existence or non-existence of the defect will be verified by Pinarello. Accordingly, the applicability of this Warranty in accordance to this document is subject to inspection and authorisation by Pinarello or an agent thereof.

If, following a claim carried out correctly in accordance with this document, Pinarello recognises the existence of a defect, the Product will be substituted or fixed at Pinarello’s discretion in accordance with paragraph 2.1.